Norrsken is the light that shines in the cold autumn winter nights of the nordic hemisphere. It is a mysterious phenomena that dazzles the mind and sets the sky on fire.

We at Humanioraverket want to capture this force of nature in an extraordinary museum experience. During the autumn of 2012 we will arrange three magical evenings and a continous exhibition at Medelhavsmuseet in Stockholm.

We will bring the latest technologies and the wonders of the museum collections together and we will give you an experience to remember.

Guided tours will be provided every tuesday and thursday 5:30 pm in October at the museum.

Listen while you explore


Norrsken is an interactive installation where you can adjust, re-imagine and remix a relief from king Ashurnasirpal II's palace. With the help of a tablet and your fingertips you can colourize the wall, using colours inspired by the Assyrian era. With your own imagination you can make exciting creations, play with the colours and send them to your email inbox. Or why not share it with the whole world?

This is achieved using only an iPad, a projector, a small computer and some great technical innovations made by the creative people at Humanioraverket, tech students at Hyper Island and Sebastian Wiberg. It is interactive. It is educational. It is fun. Norrsken is truly a nordic wonder.

In the heart of Stockholm, close to the Royal Swedish Opera and Rosenbad, you find the Mediterranean Museum (Medelhavsmuseet). Situated in an old bank, the museum presents a range of different archaeological collections, from the early traces of humans in Mesopotamia to the Egyptian and Islamic cultures.

Norrsken reinterprets the assyrian relief from king Assurnasirpal II's palace in Nimrud with an interactive installation. Using modern technology the visitors can interact with the art in a fun and intuitive way.

This is a new museum experience!